Team Fundraising

Team Fundraiser FUN and EASY

Book a bus to Casino Windsor‑ Cost per person will be $3.00 per person –

Group can charge any price per person!

Call Debbie today for dates and times

Casino Windsor

Casino Windsor ‑ Bonus Package ‑

Monday ‑ Friday‑ $15.00 voucher meal lunch Buffet or $15.00 in coins

Sunday each passenger will receive $15.00 in coins

Casino Windsor will not accept a group on Saturday

Friday night the group must arrive before 6:30 pm and on Sunday the group must arrive after 3:00pm to qualify for the casino bonus program.


Trips‑N‑Tours, has been providing fund‑raiser trips several groups for the past 5 years.

The motorcoach charges is as follows:

time to execute: 0.047875